Welsh Farmers Packs help manage the fox population in upland areas of Wales. Fox control services provided by these packs are essential to the protection of livestock and consequently farmers’ livelihoods.

Under the Hunting Act 2004 there is a limit of two dogs that can be used to flush a fox to a gun. In most practical circumstances and, especially in upland areas where foxes maybe found in forestry plantations or low, dense areas of vegetation spread over thousands of acres, this exemption makes effective and successful management much more difficult.

The Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs is campaigning to amend the two dog exemption so that a number of dogs can be used to flush a fox to a gun, which is a quicker and more effective method of managing the fox population for farmers.

The full results of our research can be viewed here (pdf), and our press release here (pdf).

The Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs also undertook some research at the local markets in Wales where farmers were asked if they have seen a difference in the number of lambs taken by foxes since hunting was banned in 2005. 75.1% of farmers polled said that they had seen an increase in lambs taken since 2005 – the polling results can be viewed here.